Raspberry Poppy Vinaigrette

Raspberry Vinaigrette
Raspberry Poppy Vinaigrette
Just the beautiful colors of this vinaigrette are enough to make you want to eat every last bite.

The sweet and tart raspberries are offset by the nutty walnut oil and poppy seeds.

A low fat treat that bursts with flavor to brighten up any salad.

Pair this dressing with a baby arugula salad for a sweet and spicy delicacy.

Raspberry Poppy Vinaigrette Instructions

Raspberry Poppy Vinaigrette StepsRaspberry Vinaigrette Step 1: In a blender blend all ingredients except for the oil & poppy seeds.
Raspberry Vinaigrette Steps
Raspberry Vinaigrette Step 2: Slowly drizzle in the oils to Raspberry Poppy Vinaigrette Stepsemulsify.

Raspberry Vinaigrette Step 3: Stir in the poppy seeds and season with salt & pepper.

Raspberry Vinaigrette Step 4: Chill & serve.

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