Mango Relish

Relish Mango
Mango Relish
The mango is known as the king of fruits for its juicy and sweet taste and amazing the health benefits.
Packed with vitamin E and full of fiber, this healthy treat will brighten up any dish with a fresh tropical splash.
Perfect over fish dishes, in salads or a salsa for your taco’s and tortilla chips.

Mango Relish Instructions

Mango Relish StepsMango Relish StepsMango Relish Step 1: Peel and dice the mangoes.
Mango Relish Step 2: Place all the ingredients in a medium bowl and toss to coat.
Mango Relish Step 3: Season with salt & pepper.

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Food Processor, Sauce Pans, Glass Containers

Chef Cynthia's Tips & Techniques: Mango Relish!