How2 Shred Cheese Easily

Here’s a tip that will save you money and show you How2 grate cheese and keep all of your fingers!
There are benefits to grating your own cheese. Here are just a few to consider:

How to shred cheese easily
The Cheese...also known as the money you’ll be saving!
With block cheese you get way more yield. For example, an 8 ounce block of cheese will yield 2 cups of grated cheese.
Next time you go to the grocery the prices and you’ll be amazed! It’s almost half the price of pre-shredded.
Now there is a price for convenience, but there are pitfalls you may not realize. Store packaged grated cheeses have an anti-caking ingredient called cellulose that keeps if from clumping together.
After some research, it is basically wood pulp...who wants wood pulp in their cheese? Yuck!

Grating your own from the block not only tastes better, but also melts better. The block retains the moisture as opposed to the store bought pre-grated.

How2 Shred Cheese Easily
So now we need to make it easy…no problem!

Simply place the block of cheese into the freezer for 15-20 minutes prior to grating. Cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella with stay together better and are much easier to handle. Softer cheeses like fontina may need little more freezer time. It also helps to spray the grater with baking spray like Pam when shredding softer cheeses.

Then there is the no brainer...the food processor. Come on now, just get one’s like having a Sous Chef to help you do all the hard work!!!

Learn How2 Shred Cheese Easily Video - Coming Soon!

How2 Shred Cheese Easily Video Tutorial


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Learn How2 Shred Cheese Easily Video - Soon!