How2 Make Empanadas

It looks harder than it is! Besides my theory about cooking is it doesn’t have to look perfect, just taste great! It looks more homemade anyway! You can stuff empanadas with anything sweet or savory.

You’ll need a small bowl with water, empanada dough rounds, the filling of your choice and a clean cutting board or flat surface.

Here’s How2:
Lay the dough on a flat surface. Dip your finger or a pastry brush in the water and wet the outer edge of the dough. Place your filling in the center of the dough. Pick up the dough and press the edges firmly together to seal.

Next step is to crimp the edges. Pinch small sections together completely around the edges.

This is not the only technique. If you prefer you can always use a fork and crimp the edges.
Bake or fry and ENJOY!!!!

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How2 Make Empanadas Video Tutorial


Learn How2 HowTo Make Empanadas

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How2 Make Empanadas Video - Soon!