How2 Egg Obedience

Scenario: You are making a recipe that calls for eggs. You’ve gotten almost all of the ingredients laid out on the counter. The last item is your eggs. So you go grab the carton of eggs out of the fridge, take out what you need and place the eggs on the counter. Your turn around for a quick second to put the egg carton back in the fridge...and SPLAT! A Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and had a great fall!

Reality: You could easily place them in a bowl and problem solved. However this trick to tame your eggs has a much better visual and entertainment effect.

Here’s a How2 tip on how to show those eggs whose boss and keep them from rolling all over the counter with one quick swift flick of the wrist!

All you have to do is one simple step.

Take the wider part of the bottom of the egg and gently tap it on the counter. Magic!

Here’s why it works...On the bottom wider end of the egg there is a small pocket called the air cell. If you gently tap the shell in that area, you will not damage the egg.

Now your eggs will stand at attention with no fear of a mess!

Learn How2 Egg Obedience Video - Coming Soon!

How2 Egg Obedience Video Tutorial


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Learn How2 Egg Obedience Video - Coming Soon!