Grilled Provoleta
Provoleta Story
After a trip to Argentina, provolone has never been the same for me.
Because of its firm texture it’s the perfect cheese to hold up to the heat of a hot skillet.
The crispy brown bits will have you addicted!
Fresh herbs and a chili kick are a delicious combination to this sharp and smoky flavored cheese.

Provoleta Instructions

Provoleta Steps Provoleta Step 1: Heat a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat or until very hot. Provoleta Steps
Provoleta Step 2: Rub the cheese with the oregano and crushed red pepper, pressing it into the cheese to allow it to stick.
Provoleta Step 3: Place the cheese into the skillet after 2 minutes the cheese will start to brown and melt.
Provoleta Step 4: Using a wide spatula, flip the cheese and brown for about 2 minutes more.
Provoleta Step 5: Drizzle with olive oil or serve with toasted bread.

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